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The Sorrows are the top executives of Death, Inc. under Death, and the main antagonists and bosses of Have a Nice Death.


Growing tired of reaping souls overtime, Death created the Sorrows to help do the labor for him and marked the beginning of Death, Inc. Being high-ranking, powerful executives, each of the Sorrows is in charge of a department in Death, Inc., and they, along with their loyal Thanagers and Minions, are responsible for maintaining the flow of souls entering through the marble gates of the company. However, without foresight to keep them in check, they have become arrogant and only care about how many souls they can reap for profit. Because of this, they have been intentionally reaping more souls than necessary, going beyond the quotas needed. Every Sorrow and their respective department is themed around different causes of death.

List of Sorrows

Image Name Position Department Pitbook Description
Brad Head of Security Hall of Eternity Brad – Head of Security

“A nice tie, a black suit that rivals the Boss's own Cloak in terms of class and darkness... Brad is a perfect fit for his job deciding which souls can cross the ethereal threshold of Death, Inc. and which should be ejected with a well-aimed kick up the backside because their time has not yet come. He loves being a gargoyle because it gives him the clout he needs to kick ghosts' butts.”

Mr. Gordon Grimes Head of Industrial Pollution Industrial Pollution Dept. Mr. Gordon Grimes – Head of Industrial Pollution

“At the end of the 19th century, the industrial revolution changed the face of the world, and young Gordon saw a unique opportunity to cover himself in oil and glory. He dived headlong into work... and a vat filled with the most toxic, disgusting, and pestilent substances ever known. Out came a putrid colossus, spewed out by the metalwork factory that is still polluting the air we breathe to this day. In other words, he saw his chance and took it.”

Mr. Hector Krank Head of Physical Illness Physical Illness Dept. Mr. Hector Krank – Head of Physical Disease

“Hector didn't wait for Death to hire him before getting stuck into his work. He's self-taught, a real self-made crab, who single-handedly created a unique stench that will plague all life for millennia to come. At the cost of his poor little crustaceous shell, and by combining cells in an entirely unnatural way, the terrible and ignominious cancer was born.”

Maxxx Head of Addictions Addictions Dept. Maxxx – Head of Addictions

“Even amongst Death, Inc.'s most devastating Sorrows, the organism known as Maxxx is a bit of an odd one out, a true abomination that raises more questions than it answers about the company's recruitment process. Rumors are rife concerning his life before death: pathological collector of all liquid and olfactory substances from the surface, organized crime lord taken hostage by a private militia, trainee chemist who got caught up in an unfortunate experiment... There is no end to the speculation, but so far nobody has guessed correctly.”

Major Warren Pliskhan Head of Modern Warfare Modern Warfare Dept. Major Warren Pliskhan – Head of Modern Warfare

“On the surface, Warren was nothing short of a calamity. At Death, Inc., he's a large-scale catastrophe. “Large-scale” is a bit of a misnomer, given that he's only 4 feet tall standing to attention (which is to say, all the time). Drawing inspiration from the greatest khaki-kitted, medal-adorned scoundrels of all time, little Warren set out on a journey from which there was no return; Hitching a ride on a Death & Taxes 850 warhead guaranteed him a one-way ticket to the afterlife. Some say it might calm the spirits, but not in Warren's case.”

Ms. Catherine Imamura Head of Natural Disasters Natural Disasters Dept.