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Thanagers are managers of Death, Inc. who work under the Sorrows, and mini-bosses in Have a Nice Death.


List of Thanagers

Image Name Department Pitbook Description
Will Hung Hall of Eternity Budgetary Inspection Thanager

“One might assume Will is the dead body hanging from the knot tied in the rope. He finds this assumption infuriating because Will Hung is the rope. He had the same problem back when he worked with dockers in the land of the living and will hate when they confused him with someone else. He allegedly tried to make himself stand out by strangling some of his mortal colleagues, which earned him his place at Death, Inc. Unfortunately for him, the situation didn't approve once he started working for the company.”

Leon Clean Hall of Eternity Janitorial Thanager

“The spook known to the company under the name of 'Leon Clean' is said to have lived a full life during his time in the mortal world. In fact, the neurotic minions in the Hall of Eternity have even admitted, through gritted teeth, the Leon led an exceptionally fruitful life, which led to his somewhat premature arrival in the company. Leon is so strong and vigorous - despite his total lack of life force - that he leaves the tile shining brighter than ever. Apparently, he was a legend on Earth: a man with a flawless, shiny bald head who could overcome even the most severe grime with a little bit of elbow grease and a winning attitude.”

Slyma Industrial Pollution Dept. Mutant Radioactive Pet Barrel

“This barrel wasn't always this way. Before its numerous transformations, it was just your average cask, filled with nuclear waste of unrivaled toxicity, hidden deep underground in the middle of nowhere. The serial number engraved on the lower edge reads 5LYM4, but some sharp-witted worker wrote over the 5 and 4 with a permanent marker so it now says 'SLYMA.'”

X4-H Industrial Pollution Dept. Uncontrollable Production Management Mutagen

“Some of the minions that roam the halls of the Industrial Pollution Department may be even more monstrous than usual. This might be because a non-negligible quantity of an extremely toxic substance was misplaced in 1959. Known as 'Solution X4,' it is a complex mix of fungal acid, oleum, and the terrifying Chemical X. Formulated to achieve peak production capacity, its secondary effect on the cognitive ability can be measured by the volume of drool produced by a Blobby after mistakenly ingesting X4.”

link=Richard John Barron
Richard John Barron Industrial Pollution Dept. Actuary Thanager, Climate-Skepticism Tycoon

“The 'Top Toupee,' as he calls himself, was hired out of the blue in 2017. He has earned countless scribblings in company memos thanks to his flamboyant style and hardened attitude, as well as his signature rages. R.J. Barron almost immediately took over the role of the Thanager working with G. Grimes in Death, Inc.'s industrial sector. This fast-talker is always trying to manipulate everyone around him: His fortune was founded on the questionable sale of bottled "clean air." This wager ended up being a great success on Earth, because he was able to find plenty of equally cynical takers to buy these empty plastic bottles.”

Denzel "King" Dengue Physical Illness Dept. Rapper, Actor, Influencer

“Davey Dawson was a highly influential mosquito in urban circles. Originally from a reputable family of Culicidae, he initially spent two years working as a doctor before realizing he could have an unlikely career as a hip-hop singer. Davey had his first hit with 'Suck It!' under the pseudonym 'Junior Juicy Palus.'”

Candice Addictions Dept. Event Facilitator

“Lucy Fruit is a highly trained actress who decided to specialize in the art of clowning when she entered the Conservatory. On stage, she fills out her act with acrobatic gags. This sort of training doesn't come cheap, so to pay for it she works as an event facilitator at a children's club on Wednesdays and during vacations... As a bonus, this has also made her an expert at dealing with a difficult crowd.”

link=Ms. Camille Flage
Ms. Camille Flage Modern Warfare Dept. Living Weapon

“Camille is a gifted mechanic and, for a woman like her, metal work was a source of comfort, especially during dark periods such as World War 1. Surrounded by enemy soldiers, she was able to hold her position for several days before dying of hunger and thirst one winter evening. Ms. Flage aimlessly roamed the area around the entrance to Death, Inc. for a really long time, looking for something to eat. She was convinced that she would return to her work as soon as she'd have a bite.”