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“H e l l o_it’s time_ t o be_h a p p y”


Maxxx is the head of the Addictions Department and one of the Sorrows of Death, Inc., and the fourth boss in Have a Nice Death.


Maxxx – Head of Addictions

“Even amongst Death, Inc.'s most devastating Sorrows, the organism known as Maxxx is a bit of an odd one out, a true abomination that raises more questions than it answers about the company's recruitment process. Rumors are rife concerning his life before death: pathological collector of all liquid and olfactory substances from the surface, organized crime lord taken hostage by a private militia, trainee chemist who got caught up in an unfortunate experiment... There is no end to the speculation, but so far nobody has guessed correctly.”


Maxxx takes the form of a skinny, male humanoid. His signature outfit is a white, button-down shirt with black pants. A syringe filled with an unknown substance is lodged in his chest area. He wears a white mask with wide, pupil-less eyes and a large grin. A billowing, black mass of unknown matter takes the place of the area where a neck and head would normally be. Maxxx is able to manipulate the black mass, such as sprouting eyeballs out of it that can shoot needle-like projectiles, or morphing it into a giant maw that acts as a mouth. During Maxxx's boss fight, Maxxx can be seen rapidly flicking through different outfits, or bodies, multiple times per second. Upon defeat, the expression on Maxxx's mask changes to a closed-mouth frown, and the surface is damaged with cracks, with a single bandage placed on the mask's forehead.




Other Sorrows

Powers and Abilities

Teleportation: Maxxx can activate the syringe stuck on his chest to turn himself into a splotch and teleport around the arena.

Shape-shifting: During the fight, Maxxx will Shape-shift into nightmarish forms to indicate which attack he'll use.

Needle Bolts: Maxxx can summon bolts made of energy that will either target the player, or fired at an array around him.

Gimme: Maxxx can summon red claws that'll circle around the arena, or rain down in clusters.

Grab & Smash: Maxx will summon 2 red hands that'll slam the player across the room, then smash them into the ground.

Happy Pills: At half-health, Maxxx will quickly eat a few pills, one with a happy face, ramping up the intensity of the attacks.

Inhale/Exhale: At near death, Maxxx will teleport to the left or right side of the area and shape shift into a giant face that'll blow the player at a pair of slamming red fists on the other side of the arena. After doing that, he'll shapeshift again as inhale through his nose to bite the player with his giant mouth.