Mr. Hector Krank

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Mr. Hector Krank is the head of the Physical Illness Department and one of the Sorrows of Death, Inc. He is the third boss in Have a Nice Death.


Mr. Hector Krank – Head of Physical Disease

“Hector didn't wait for Death to hire him before getting stuck into his work. He's self-taught, a real self-made crab, who single-handedly created a unique stench that will plague all life for millennia to come. At the cost of his poor little crustaceous shell, and by combining cells in an entirely unnatural way, the terrible and ignominious cancer was born.”


Hector Krank is a giant crab with one, abnormally-large claw. He was white eyes, and one of his eye stems is infected with tumors. He also appears to have abs, which are visible on his chest during some of his attacks.




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