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Ghosts are minions at Death Inc., and are enemies in Have a Nice Death.


"Ghosts are at the very bottom of Death, Inc.'s company hierarchy. These minions are more commonly referred to as "diseasonal workers," who - like their colleagues created by the Sorrows - are not subject to Death, Inc.'s undead worker labor agreement. In that case, what are they even doing here? To boost numbers in all departments, without exception."


The ghost will take a deep breath and expel a burst of flame a short distance in front of them.


Will present as a small flame when the player is not detected, or will be wandering in a very small area until provoked. The ghost does a brief charge-up where it bends backwards as if taking a deep breath. It then puts out a short flame in the area in the direction they are facing. Their flame is temporarily extinguished and replaced with stars, along with an animation making them appear to be on the verge of losing their balance, when they become stunned.