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Departments of Death Inc. are each run by a Sorrow, who have Thanagers that work as the mangers if their respective compartments, and are the worlds of Have a Nice Death. There are also other areas that are miscellaneous and have neither a Sorrow or Thanager.


List of Departments

Image Department Sorrow Thanager(s) Pitbook Description
Death Incorporated Building.jpg
Death, Incorporated N/A N/A "For a long, long time, Death worked alone with no place to call home. Back then, he didn't even keep a log to track his victims. It was a time of adventure, where the line between passion and professionalism was quite thinly drawn. All this changed when Death met Jacob and they realized they needed somewhere to house his colossal forge. Then they had to delegate to handful of spectral staff using the Clock's power. The company first began to take shape in the crypt of an abandoned cathedral, somewhere in Europe."
CEO office.png
CEO's Office N/A N/A "Where it all ends.This is the nickname Death, Inc's employees have bestowed upon the CEO's Office. Despite the countless number of complex criteria customers' souls have to meet to have a nice death, the final decision ultimately belongs to Death himself. He has given his authorization, approving their damnation with his enchanted seal, and muttering a short, solemn phrase that is known to him and him alone. But recently... monotony has crept into the usual protocol."
Break Room.png
Break Room N/A N/A "As shocking as it may-justifiably-seem to a lot of workers from competitors' companies, the break room is actually a recent addition at Death, Inc. Jerry, the employees' union rep, had to put a lot of pressure on the works council to get it set up. He argued that being able to take breaks in the workplace not only improved productivity, but it was also on of the fundamental and irreducible rights of employees. Just like cheap koffe and more Prismiums."
Hall of Eternity.png
Hall of Eternity Brad "Understandably, the Hall of Eternity makes an appearance in a lot of earthly folklore, because it marks the entrance to the immaterial world of the Great Beyond. Of course, after some eons of war, pandemics, and all sorts of catastrophes on the surface, it has lost some of its shine. Not that Death cares one jot about that. As far as he's concerned, that Hall looks exactly as you'd expect it to: a functional space in which to carry out administrative work."
Industrial Pollution Dept..png
Industrial Pollution Department Mr. Gordon Grimes "The Industrial Pollution Department can be found on one of the most highly renovated floors of the company's building. A great many modifications have been carried out over the years. This is due to the fact that the various energy industries have actually only existed on Earth since the end of the 19th century. Prior to this, the department was primarily sub-contracted out to help those departments responsible for mental and physical illnesses. All that changed once Death became aware of environmental unrest on Earth."
Physical Illness Dept..png
Physical Illness Department Mr. Hector Krank "When it was first set up the Physical Illness Department looked quite different from the way it does today. It used to be an amphitheater, where the souls of mad doctors gave themselves free reign to discover the most disgusting miasma they could find to spread around the Earth, led by the craziest among them, Carvusini Prestin. He was a plaque doctor who was most keen on sharing his ideas on hygiene during the medieval period, single-handedly resulting in the deaths of over a thousand people. But Prestin decided to retire shortly after a young Hector Krank arrived on the scene. He soon realized cancer and the most recent pandemic were far more effective than he had ever been."
Addictions Dept..png
Addictions Department Maxxx "The Addictions Department is distinctive due to its striking resemblance to buildings on the surface. It's easy to remember where you are trapped when you're in the Hall, getting your file approved, or in the garbage dump that serves as offices for the Industrial Pollution Department. But it's a lot harder to keep your wits about you when you have to deal with some administrative formality at the Addictions Department. The cold, decrepit corridors, reminiscent of those found at run-down hospitals, give the impression of having witnessed unspeakable things."
Modern Wars Dept..png
Modern Warfare Department Major Warren Pliskhan "The Modern Warfare Department has also undergone some drastic renovations to reflect developments happening on the surface. Humans are constantly coming up with new and more exciting ways to kill one another, and the art of war can be an effective answer to a number of economic, technological, and material problems that Death, Inc. encounters. For logistical reasons, Death decided to categorize the different types of war by time period, ranging from ancient history to the modern era. It has to be said that missiles, tanks, and planes take up more than their fair share of space!"
Natural Disasters Dept. Magratoa Unknown