Physical Illness Dept.

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The Physical Illness Department is a department of Death Inc. run by the Sorrow Mr. Hector Krank, and is an area in Have a Nice Death.


Pitbook description

"When it was first set up the Physical Illness Department looked quite different from the way it does today. It used to be an amphitheater, where the souls of mad doctors gave themselves free reign to discover the most disgusting miasma they could find to spread around the Earth, led by the craziest among them, Carvusini Prestin. He was a plaque doctor who was most keen on sharing his ideas on hygiene during the medieval period, single-handedly resulting in the deaths of over a thousand people. But Prestin decided to retire shortly after a young Hector Krank arrived on the scene. He soon realized cancer and the most recent pandemic were far more effective than he had ever been."