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Death, Incorporated is a corporation founded and run by Death to process souls for the Afterlife, and its headquarters serve as the setting for Have a Nice Death.


Long before Death, Inc. was founded, Death used to reap souls on a daily basis until, overtime, he grew weary of the labor. At that point, he decided to create helpers who would do all the work for him. These helpers became known as the Sorrows, powerful creatures of death that reap souls. Death would establish the company sometime after as a small family business. Death, Inc. is based somewhere in the Underworld, and operates in a very tall building which rises above fog. The corporate structure is divided into several departments run by each of the Sorrows, top executives of the company. Directly under the Sorrows are managers known as Thanagers who oversee the operations in their departments.


There are a variety of departments with different attributes to them at Death, Inc.

  • Control Rooms
  • Hazardous Floors
  • Equipment Storage
  • Vitam Mana Departement
  • Offices




The top executives of Death, Inc. before Death himself. They each run a department and are tasked with maintaining the flow of souls that enter through the marble gates of the company. Currently, however, the Sorrows have been going over the quotas, allowing an overflow of souls to pour into the company.


The managers of Death, Inc.



Employees at Death, Inc. who make the bulk of the staff in each of its departments.