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Have A Nice Death. Items Currency, Healing, Items


Currency Soulary.

With Soulary you can buy Weapons, Food and Upgrade your Weapons at Control Room and Shop. You earn Soulary from Karen vase, Pile of Soulary, Minions, Sorrows.

Currency Prismium


Prismiun are Rare to find can be use to Uprade your Weapons and buy an extra BoneHand slot at the Shop. You can spend Prismium at Control Room and Shop

Currency Ingot

You use this Currency to buy Discount Weapons and Food from Joe at The Office, These items then will be Available in your Run. To make them cheaper you do Mini Challenge Example "Kill 0/10 Sorrows" "Deal 500 Damage in a single blow" There are Five Discount Progress -25% -50% -75% -95% They will be even Cheaperr. Ingots are earn from Finshing your Run or upon Death.

Healing items

Have A Nice Death Healings.png
Anima Blue Orb

Replenish +15 HP Grey Health

Koffee Cup

25 Pure Heal Black Health

Pure Anima Yello Orb



Curse Remover

Curse Remover.png

Pile of Soulary

Anima Blue Orb.png

Ad Vitam +

Increases your HP by +10

Eternal Mana +

Eternal Mana +.png