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Joe is the Office Manager at Death, Inc., and a supporting character and NPC in Have a Nice Death.

Joe runs a shop at the CEO's Office, where the player can purchase Weapons, Food that appears in the Break Room, and upgrade the amount of Jocelyn's Contracts that the player can stack in a single run. Everything in Joe's Shop is purchased via Ingots, and the price of items can be reduced significantly be completing certain objectives.


Joe – Office Manager

“This is what happens when you drink too much black koffee! In fact, the koffee Joe drinks is now so strong, it once got him in a chokehold. Well, not the koffee itself, of course, but rather the sugar lump he likes to dip it in to warm himself up. Since he's incapable of focusing on anything for longer than a second, he accidentally mixed up his usual cube of sugar with a stock cube that expired three years ago.”





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