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X4-H is a Thanager in the Industrial Pollution Department of Death, Inc., and a mini-boss in Have a Nice Death.


Uncontrollable Production Management Mutagen

“Some of the minions that roam the halls of the Industrial Pollution Department may be even more monstrous than usual. This might be because a non-negligible quantity of an extremely toxic substance was misplaced in 1959. Known as "Solution X4," it is a complex mix of fungal acid, oleum, and the terrifying Chemical X. Formulated to achieve peak production capacity, its secondary effect on the cognitive ability can be measured by the volume of drool produced by a Blobby after mistakenly ingesting X4.”


X4-H looks like a mutated Blobby. It is noticeably drooling, is quite misshapen, and has several more than the usual number of eyes.

Powers and Abilities

X4-H has several attacks which it uses at any stage of combat:

  • It turns into a giant bouncing ball and bounces around the area for a few seconds. This is pretty easily dodged if you can get in sync with his motions.
  • X4 will create a small spike ball which also bounces around, though to a lower height. Similarly, this one is also not too hard to dodge, but can complicate dodging his other bouncing attack.


The strategy for X4-H is simple enough: dodge all the bouncing projectiles. The attacks are all pretty slow-moving and are telegraphed reasonably well, so as long as the player gets a handle on the arc of the bounces, it should be a pretty easy fight.


  • Oleum is a highly corrosive solution of various compositions of sulfur trioxide in sulfuric acid.
  • Chemical X is a reference to the Powerpuff Girls and is the chemical which gave them, and many other characters in their universe, their super powers.