Will Hung

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Will Hung is a Thanager in the Hall of Eternity of Death, Inc., and a mini-boss in Have a Nice Death.


Budgetary Inspection Thanager

“One might assume Will is the dead body hanging from the knot tied in the rope. He finds this assumption infuriating because Will Hung is the rope. He had the same problem back when he worked with dockers in the land of the living and will hate when they confused him with someone else. He allegedly tried to make himself stand out by strangling some of his mortal colleagues, which earned him his place at Death, Inc. Unfortunately for him, the situation didn't approve once he started working for the company.”


Will Hung appears to be a rope with a knot on one end and a noose on the other. He is nearly always seen strangling a hapless worker.

Powers and Abilities

Will Hung has been observed using three attacks:

  • Straight up Punches: Will retracts himself shortly before punching in front of him in rapid succession. This attack has considerable horizontal range, but lacks vertical reach
  • Lasso: Will flings himself and tries to lasso his targets. If he lands the attack the target will get pulled in front of him for a quick couple of hits. This attack has extensive reach
  • Rope: Will will plunge his "head" into the ground and proceed to pierce through the arena. The path taken is telegraphed. His "body" is stationary during the attack


His biggest weakness is that most of his attacks are not good at hitting aerial targets, so dodging his attacks via aerial dashing is a good way to avoid taking damage. Care should be taken in particular when he is preparing for a lasso attack which can be hard to dodge.

The attack where he plunges his head into the ground is well telegraphed—if you can reach his body, you can land a couple of easy hits while he is occupied.