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Spooksmen are minions at Death Inc., and are enemies in Have a Nice Death.


"All multinationals have specific departments, which are defined according to a hierarchy. Ghosts - like all other employees at Death, Inc. - have their superiors. They are known as the "Spooksmen" to highlight their managerial qualities, namely violence and a complete lack of subtlety."


  • If the player is in close proximity, it does a spinning punch attack in place
  • If the player is above the Spooksman and in close proximity, it does an uppercut punch
  • If the player is in front of the Spooksman, it does a combo punch attack consisting of a forward punch, uppercut, and a downward swing.


Wanders in a small area until provoked. All attacks are preceded by an exclamation point over their head and leave a trail of flame behind their fists, which is a purely visual element. All attacks also have a brief gap after the exclamation point where the Spooksman appears to gather himself before initiating the attack. Spooksmen, as their description implies, are also extremely tanky, making them generally difficult and time-consuming to take down.