Richard John Barron

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Richard John Barron is a Thanager in the Industrial Pollution Department of Death, Inc., and a mini-boss in Have a Nice Death.


Actuary Thanager, Climate-Skepticism Tycoon

“The 'Top Toupee,' as he calls himself, was hired out of the blue in 2017. He has earned countless scribblings in company memos thanks to his flamboyant style and hardened attitude, as well as his signature rages. R.J. Barron almost immediately took over the role of the Thanager working with G. Grimes in Death, Inc.'s industrial sector. This fast-talker is always trying to manipulate everyone around him: His fortune was founded on the questionable sale of bottled 'clean air.' This wager ended up being a great success on Earth, because he was able to find plenty of equally cynical takers to buy these empty plastic bottles.”