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Ms. Camille Flage is a Thanager in the Modern Warfare Dept. of Death, Inc., and a mini-boss in Have a Nice Death.

She was released officially in the Infrastructure Development Update on May 12th alongside the updated Modern Warfare Department. She is described as a living weapon and represents starvation in war. Her name is a pun on the word Camouflage.


Living Weapon

“Camille is a gifted mechanic and, for a woman like her, metal work was a source of comfort, especially during dark periods such as World War 1. Surrounded by enemy soldiers, she was able to hold her position for several days before dying of hunger and thirst one winter evening. Ms. Flage aimlessly roamed the area around the entrance to Death, Inc. for a really long time, looking for something to eat. She was convinced that she would return to her work as soon as she'd had a bite.”


Camille appears as a barefoot, skinny, woman with wrinkles underneath her eyes and grey skin. She sports long, dark, unkempt hair which reaches her feet in length. She wears a long grey dress which lacks sleeves, exposing her shoulders and lower legs. Whilst she lacks a proper nose, she does have two nostrils and a small mouth which she can open to a large degree, exposing her many hidden teeth. Camille also possesses a hunched-over posture when walking, giving the impression that she is rather frail.

In battle, Camille is shown to have rather sharp nails and a ravenous set of teeth when attacking. Additionally, as she travels, her rough hair obscures most of her body and trails her movement, adding to her feral demeanor.

Powers and Abilities

Despite her appearance, Camille Flage is a highly agile combatant, able to leap across the entire arena in an instant. She additionally deals rather high amounts of damage, able to kill a player with over 100 health in just a few hits. Her attacks are relentless and often chain into each other through a series of pounces and jumps. Because of this, Camille becomes a very difficult target to hit consistently, so it is best to be defensive and avoid her whilst she continues her assault. After a few consecutive attacks, Camille becomes tired and takes a few seconds to breathe, this is when you should dish out all your damage on her.

In battle, Camille uses these attacks:

- Wall Leap: Leaps directly onto a wall before swiftly jumping to the other. The third jump will be aimed towards the middle of the arena near the player.

- Claw Pounce: A quick series of horizontal pounces towards the player. Sometimes this attack is followed by her leaping onto one of the walls before jumping back down near the middle of the arena with a large claw swipe (Usually after 1-2 pounces).

- Leap Slash: A more vertical jump which has Camille hover in the air for a moment before landing onto the player's position (she can catch the player if they dash past her too early during this attack, so it's best to dash as she's landing). When she lands, she slashes several times in the same position, leaving a lasting hitbox.

- Scream: Camille stands crookedly in one position accompanied by a menacing growl. After a brief moment, she screams, sending out a spread of bones which covers half of the entire screen (the player must dash through this attack to avoid getting hit).

- Fake-out: Walks deceptively towards the player before readying a series of relentless pounce attacks once close enough (usually does this attack after catching her breath or being stunned)



  • Camille was originally named "Samantha". A message from GBP_SoFech on Discord had eventually lead to them confirming this.
  • Camille's codex image could be found within the files of the game (Pre-Infrastructure Development Update) , however, she was not present within the game itself at this time due to the Modern Warfare Department being unfinished.
    • Her file name is listed as Codex_Miniboss_Starvation.
      • This confirmed Camille's status as a Thanager due to each other Thanager supporting the keyword miniboss in their file names.
  • Warren refers to Camille as "Agent Flage" in one of his conversations with Death.
  • Despite her name being a pun on the world camouflage, she currently does not use any camouflage or stealth at all in her boss fight.
    • When she is defeated, she disappears in a puff of smoke after falling over instead of melting or being physically wounded unlike many other bosses.
  • Camille's signature weapon is called Bulimia Blast. Because of this, it can be speculated that Camille has some relation towards or is suffering from bulimia.
    • Her screaming attack where bones are ejected from her mouth supports this.
  • The ending music for World 5 is Camille's theme.[1]