Mr. Gordon Grimes

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Mr. Gordon Grimes is the head of the Industrial Pollution Department and one of the Sorrows of Death, Inc. He is the second boss in Have a Nice Death.


Mr. Gordon Grimes – Head of Industrial Pollution

“At the end of the 19th century, the industrial revolution changed the face of the world, and young Gordon saw a unique opportunity to cover himself in oil and glory. He dived headlong into work…. and a vat filled with the most toxic, disgusting, and pestilent substances ever known. Out came a putrid colossus, spewed out by the metalwork factory that is still polluting the air we breathe to this day. In other words, he saw his chance and took it.”


Gordon Grimes' body resembles that of a tall, large humanoid, with a pair of glowing, white eyes. His body is covered in, or made out of, a black, oily substance, which is constantly dripping. He has the ability to morph his body into a puddle and rematerialize into his original form, as well as summon fists which are made out of the same material.




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