Major Warren Pliskhan

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Major Warren Pliskhan is the head of the Modern Warfare Department and one of the Sorrows of Death, Inc. He is the fifth boss in Have a Nice Death.


Major Warren Pliskhan – Head of Modern Warfare

“On the surface, Warren was nothing short of a calamity. At Death, Inc, he's a large-scale catastrophe. 'Large-scale' is a bit of a misnomer, given that he's only 4 feet tall standing to attention (which is to say, all the time). Drawing inspiration from the greatest khaki-kitted, medal-adorned scoundrels of all time, little Warren set out on a journey from which there was no return. Hitching a ride on a Death & Taxes 850 warhead guaranteed him a one-way ticket to the afterlife. Some say it might calm the spirits, but not in Warren's case.”


Major Warren Pliskhan is a rather short man, donning a typical military uniform with medals adorning his chest. He has a large moustache that covers most of his face, and his eyes are obscured by the hood of his cap. He is also seen carrying a whip.




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