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Leon Clean is a Thanager in the Hall of Eternity of Death, Inc., and a mini-boss in Have a Nice Death.


Janitorial Thanager

“The spook known to the company under the name of 'Leon Clean' is said to have lived a full life during his time in the mortal world. In fact, the neurotic minions in the Hall of Eternity have even admitted, through gritted teeth, the Leon led an exceptionally fruitful life, which led to his somewhat premature arrival in the company. Leon is so strong and vigorous - despite his total lack of life force - that he leaves the tile shining brighter than ever. Apparently, he was a legend on Earth: a man with a flawless, shiny bald head who could overcome even the most severe grime with a little bit of elbow grease and a winning attitude.”


Leon Clean is a skeleton with a scar on the top corner of his skull. He wears a custodial outfit with a pull-along vacuum by his side.

Powers and Abilities

Leon Clean has several attacks that can be used at any point during combat:

  • He creates a ball of dirt and expels it from the end of his vacuum towards the player. On contact with a wall, it explodes into a cluster of smaller particles which will also do damage. This attack is indicated by an obvious "charging up" of the vacuum, as well as a row of exclamation marks indicating the direction of fire.
  • He sucks a ball of dirt from off-screen, where it then clogs the vacuum nozzle. Leon will then suplex the ball of dirt, applying damage behind him as well. This attack is indicated by exclamation points indicating where the ball is coming from, with a sucking animation done by Leon. Once he catches the ball, the suplex is immediate, but the attack is disrupted if the incoming projectile hits the player first.
  • Leon uses his vacuum attachment like a scythe of his own, and will do a jump and swipe up, as a way of repositioning himself.


Leon's attacks are pretty well-projected, so as long as you take your time and watch his movements, he shouldn't be a difficult enemy to fight. One can easily beat him with solely ranged attacks, or by jumping in and out to attack him with your scythe at close range. It's not recommended to stay tight on him though, unless you're willing to lose a lot of health trying to react to his predominantly close-range attacks or can chunk him down before he can do significant damage to the player.


  • This character is a reference to Mr. Clean, the cleaning supply brand name and mascot