Flying Book

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Flying Books are minions at Death Inc., and are enemies in Have a Nice Death.


"Binders, paper charts, photo organization charts, ancient folders... Nothing escapes what Patrick calls the "Atrocious Curse of Bitter Documentation", or "ABCD" for short. If a document isn't consulted often enough, it comes to life and takes vengeance for its neglect."


Fires a paper airplane projectile that is targeted to the player's position.


Will flap around a small area until provoked. When it's going to attack, a slip of paper appears to be torn out and balled up above the Book. The ball then turns into a paper airplane pointed in the direction of the player and is shortly fired. The ball of paper does not have a hitbox, but the paper airplane does, despite still being unfired and over the Book itself. The transformation of the paper ball into an airplane is preceded by an exclamation point and a whirl of flame around the Book. Over time, the Book will move itself as close as possible to the player. Despite being extremely weak, they rarely appear in small numbers; usually being spread across the top or on opposite ends of an arena fight to harass the player while fighting everything else.