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Curses are the bonus cards you receive from O'Shah. There are three types of curses, Red, blue and green. Each type of curse has their own growth tree with penalties set at random points. You can also use a Curse-Reroll removing a Curse you choose.


Here are the list of the cards that can be found in the early access as of now [14/3/22]

Red Cards

Curse Description Comment
Scything Attack Infuse


adds bleed effect, deals bonus damage which increases per hit capped at 15 per enemy.
Uncloaked The Scythe deals +10% damage. The Cloak's damage is reduced by -25%.
Scythe-Evident Truth The Scythe deals +10 damage. The Cloak's damage is reduced by 20.
Nobilis Scythe Gain Transfer I & The Scythe deals +5 damage.
Omnipotent Scythe The Scythe deals +10% damage.
Infuse The Scythe deals +15% damage.
Scathing Scythe The Scythe deals +10% critical.
Concentration The Scythe's charged attack deals +50% extra damage.
Polish Gain Retrain I & The Scythe +2 damage.
Sharpen Gain Retrain II & The Scythe +4 damage.
Hone Gain Retrain III & The Scythe +5 damage.
Cutting Edge Gain +1 damage for each attack. Resets after a while or if you take damage.
Death Metal The Fury deals +50% damage.
Sorrow's Bane Frenzy refills automatically when it falls below 25% HP.
Cloak of the gods The Cloak deals +10 damage.
Omniscient Cloak The Cloak deals +10% damage.
[Very] Irritable

Boss Syndrome

Gain Counterparty I
To The Ground! The Scythe's and The Cloak's ground attacks deal +15% damage.
Subterranean The Scythe's and The Cloak's ground attacks deal +25% damage.
Biting Mantle The Cloak deals +5% Critical.
Light Steel The Scythe and The Cloak deal +5% critical.
Kamikaze Deal +35% bonus damage. Take +50% additional damage.
Fake it till ya make it Deal +10 damage. Anima heals become 50% less effective.
Draw your weapon Gain Life Insurance I & The Scythe deals +5 damage.
Manic Monday Retaliate

Permanently deals +1 bonus damage.

Rage Termination

deals +5 damage. 3 stacks max that lasts 6 seconds.

You'll never guess what happens next Gain Inflation I deals light bonus damage to your attacker
Broken Bones Retaliate

Permanently generates +1 max HP.

Twisting The Knife Inflict Critical on stunned enemies.
Cloak and Swagger The Cloak deals +25% damage. Costs 30 Mana.
Misfortune Wheel Deal +15 damage when HP falls below 25%.
Rondo Of Blood Infuse


NAT 20 The Scythe and The Cloak deal 10% Critical
Flash of Brilliance Infuse


based off how many times you land a hit before stopping
Peak Concentration Charged attack deals +250% damage.
Bramblebones Deal +1 bonus damage for 7% of the remaining hp. bonus damage every 7% of pure health you have
Soul Sucker Retaliate

Generates Lifesteal for 3 seconds.

Blue Cards

Curse Description Comment
Social Toxicity Infuse


Poisoned Channelling Poisoned + 1 Maximum stack.
Stink Up the Place Poisoned + 2 Maximum stacks.
Festering Disease Poisoned lasts +1 additional second.
Health Sparkle Gain +5 HP. does not increase your max hp
Bleed Yourself Dry Bleed gains +5 max charged.
Tomb Helm Gain +1 Defense
Administrative Penalty Heal +20 HP when you kill a sorrow.
Anger Leads to Hatred Retaliate

Gain +5 Defense for 10 seconds

Search The Files Heal +10 HP when you open a cairn. cairns are those containers which hold weapons
Blood For Bones Increases the duration of Bleed charges by 100%
Burning Up Infuse


Hateful Anima Temporarily inflict +15 damage upon consuming Anima.
Cut A Wide Swathe Burn deals +50% damage.
Inner Flame Burn lasts +5 seconds longer.
Never In Vein Bleed charges are applied two at a time.
Rivers Of Blood Bleed gains +50 max charges.
Overexcited Termination

resets rush cooldown

Sharp Discount 15% Discount on Control Room prices.
Burn-Out Channeling Retaliate

Refills your frenzy gauge.

Acrimonk Retaliate

Launches Pikes.

Vintage Animaline Anima heals +15

Green Cards

Curse Description Comment
Imminent Introspection Periodic

Regenerates +5 Mana.

Imminent Burnout Periodic

launches darts.

Meditation Gain +5 Mana.
Imminent Mediation Periodic

Regenerates +10 mana.

Imminent Reverie Periodic

creates Anima.

Daredevil Survive a fatal attack with 1 HP.

Can trigger only once per game.

Stroke of luck Survive fatal attacks with 1 HP.
Energy Surge Infuse

launches an energy wave.

Mana Addict Pitbook Spells temporarily gain +10% mana regen upon casting.
Incantum Spells deal +5 damage.
Death Priest Infuse

regenerates +10 mana.

Irreverent Hood Gain +5% Mana
Irreverent Altar Gain +25% mana.
Deathlock Retaliate

regenerates +30 mana.

Iranima Frenzy pills up by 50% upon consuming an Anima.
Stable Job Reduces damage below 5 to 1.
Scholary Gain +50% mana regen.
Hidden Cache Obtain 30 soulary.
Enchanted Cannon Spells temporarily gain +5% damage upon casting.
Enchanted Gatling Gun Spells temporarily gain +10% damage upon casting.
Arcane Studies Spells deal +15 damage.
Adjuration Gain +10 Mana.
Execution Termination

Heals 1 injury.

Now, Begone ! Termination

Launches a homing missile.

Cupid's Bow Infuse

Launches a homing missile.

Archdruid Deal +10 damage per Anima
Demonist Termination

Regenerates +25 Mana.

Animana Temporarily gain +50% mana Mana regen upon consuming an Anima.
Warlock Retaliate

Launches thorns