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Candice is a Thanager in the Addictions Department of Death, Inc., and a mini-boss in Have a Nice Death.


Event Facilitator

“Lucy Fruit is a highly trained actress who decided to specialize in the art of clowning when she entered the Conservatory. On stage, she fills out her act with acrobatic gags. This sort of training doesn't come cheap, so to pay for it she works as an event facilitator at a children's club on Wednesdays and during vacations... As a bonus, this has also made her an expert at dealing with a difficult crowd.”


Candice is a Cupcake mascot wielding a giant lollipop as a twirling baton. She appears to be on a constant sugar rush with a small, noticeable twitch in her eye.

Powers and Abilities

Candice uses three melee attacks:

  • Forward jab: Candice will teleport from the sides of the map multiple times trying to get close to the player, before twirling her lollipop and extending it forward with extensive reach.
  • Pummel: Candice will teleport randomly through the arena before starting the pummel what is in front of her repeatedly, growing bigger throughout it.
  • Slam: Candice will teleport above the player and proceed to slam downward. Should the player try to dodge she may randomly stop mid-animation and teleport above the player again repeating the attack.


The main challenge is dealing with her highly erratic teleporting which is her sole method of moving around the arena. To stand still often means getting hit by one of her attacks. These can be dodged with well-timed dodging, but will punish premature/late dodges heavily.

Once an attack is finished she will stand still for a moment before teleporting for her next attack, providing an opportunity to get in a couple hits.