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Brad is the Head of Security found in the Hall of Eternity and one of the Sorrows of Death, Inc., and the first boss in Have a Nice Death.


Brad – Head of Security

“A nice tie, a black suit that rivals the Boss's own Cloak in terms of class and darkness... Brad is a perfect fit for his job deciding which souls can cross the ethereal threshold of Death, Inc. and which should be ejected with a well-aimed kick up the backside because their time has not yet come. He loves being a gargoyle because it gives him the clout he needs to kick ghosts' butts.”


Brad has a tall, burly figure with black skin. His torso and arms are muscular, a stark contrast to his legs, which are very thin. He wears a crinkled white buttoned shirt with glasses. His most notable feature is his chin, which is big.

After Death defeats Brad, he gains a black suit, and an earpiece before going back to work.


Brad is a laid-back Gargoyle who's much lazier compared to the other Sorrows; as unlike them, Brad doesn't check the souls that come to Death, Inc, and whether or not that their time is up yet. He usually spends his time partying with the other Sorrows and Thanagers on weekends, or playing with his paddleball during work hours. Brad is also a phone addict, as evident when he uses his phone to take selfies for one of his attacks during battle, and go on social media after the fight.

After Death defeats Brad, he is turned to stone and transforms back into his Security Guard form before being called by someone on his earpiece to go back to work, which signifies that when he's motivated, Brad is able to focus and take his job seriously.



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  • Brad has multiple, currently unused selfie poses in the game's files. It can be surmised that these sprites were intended to be used as alternate poses for Brad's selfie attack, in which he snaps a photo of himself before turning to stone and crashing into the ground.
  • Denzel and Brad appear to be friends, as they are both shown posing for a selfie in the initial reveal trailer for Have a Nice Death.