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Bombaras are minions at Death Inc., and are enemies in Have a Nice Death.


Bombara bares the look of a small girl with gray skin, big pale eyes, big black poofy hair that bobs around as she moves, and a dress that goes down to a bit below her waist. Her head is decapitated from her body, which she carries around in her idle animation on her side with her right arm, she also has a numb which is her neck to represent where she lost her head. She also lugs around an old style war bag on her side that might hold her landmines that she throws around. Her shoes are black with not much finer detail, and her legs are about half the width of the shoe.

While attacking, she joyfully skips around, flinging landmines around with her opposite hand as she moves. The landmines she drops are mostly red with a few black stripes around the bottom and a red alarm that flashes more and more constantly as it gets closer the blowing up.